Our Values & Tenets


Our Values

At CapStar Bank, we believe that our employees are the foundation for success. Our values underscore who we are as an organization and how our employees achieve greatness, both personally and professionally.

We are committed to Integrity by having respectful and honest interactions and holding ourselves accountable for our commitments to all of our customers, coworkers and community members.

In Partnership, we seek first to understand the needs of those we serve, allowing us to provide individualized solutions developed through open communication and trust.

We will utilize the talents and experience of our employees, the foresight of our customers, and the strength of technology to provide enduring Value.

We strive to be a meaningful part of and contributor to the Communities in which we operate, not only as a provider of financial services, but also to further the welfare and development of the communities and their many constituencies.

Our Tenets

At CapStar Bank, we believe that we’re different. Our Five Tenets define who we are individually and as a bank. It’s why we go above and beyond for our clients, each other, and our community. It’s who we are.

We're Empowered

All our experience has brought us to this point, empowering us to provide an extraordinarily memorable, uncomplicated experience.

We're Unique

We really know our customers and they love our responsiveness.

We're Driven

We like to win, and we encourage our clients to set high expectations so we can prove it.

We're Leaders

With excellent technology backed by the smartest bankers in town, we are transforming banking in Middle Tennessee.

We're Listening

Listen well. Ask better questions. This makes all the difference.