Treasury Management

Online Banking

Access your accounts, pay bills, review statements, and so much more.

Remote Deposit Capture

Save time and money when you scan and deposit checks to your CapStar Bank account electronically. Setting up and using a compact scanning device is fast and simple.

Bill Payment

With online bill pay for business, you can pay bills anytime. Setting up recurring payments for monthly bills is easy and convenient, saving you money and time.

Sweep Services

Maximize profitability with automatic treasury management functions. Your account balances are monitored daily and funds are automatically transferred where you need them to go.

  • Investment Sweep
  • Line of Credit Sweep
  • Net Sweep

Insured Cash Sweep

In partnership with Promontory Interfinancial Network, LLC, CapStar Bank provides customers with the Insured Cash Sweep® product. (ICS®). With ICS, CapStar Bank can offer access to multimillion-dollar FDIC insurance.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)

Eliminate excess balances in separate accounts by using CapStar’s ZBA service. It’s an easy, fully automated way to separate specialized disbursement or depository activity into distinct sub-accounts while retaining cash in a single master operating account.

ACH Services

Simplify accounts payable and reduce transaction costs with electronic payments. Pay your vendors efficiently and include invoice details with your payment.

Deposit payroll directly to employee accounts safely and securely. They’ll appreciate the convenience, and you’ll enjoy the cost savings.

Concentrate funds from outlying accounts to improve cash flow.

Lockbox Services

Wholesale lockbox services let you manage your account receivables effectively and efficiently. You’ll get access to your funds more quickly, whether you have a high volume of small invoices or just a few large checks.

Retail lockbox services streamline processing for companies with a large number of smaller-dollar items.

Fraud Prevention

Quickly identify fraud and reduce risk with Check Positive Pay, a service that compares checks presented for payment with an issued-check file you provide to CapStar. Positive Pay analyzes and compares the amount, check number and issue date and lets you know if a check is potentially fraudulent.

An additional layer of fraud prevention and risk mitigation is available with Payee Positive Pay. You provide us with a list of each check payee in the issued check file submitted to us. From there, we compare the payee name of the issued check file against the payee name line of the designated account’s check and inform you if a check is potentially fraudulent.

ACH Positive Pay accepts or rejects Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions before they post to your accounts for powerful fraud prevention and risk mitigation. ACH Positive Pay enables your business to monitor and control your ACH activities, helping prevent unauthorized and potentially fraudulent electronic transactions from posting against your accounts.

Wire Transfer Module

Send wire transfers online via our wire transfer module. Using a secure token passcode, your wire transaction can be sent securely the same day or scheduled in advance. This service is another way to help keep processing simple, manage risk and reduce costs.

Quickly and easily originate one-time or recurring wire transfers via online banking. Same-day settlement of funds wired to domestic accounts. Online wires to foreign accounts supported in either USD or foreign currencies. Receive online confirmations of outgoing wires with bank and FED reference numbers.

Allow your payroll vendor to send a reverse wire (draw down request) by setting up recurring instructions.

Merchant Card Services

Increase sales revenue and simplify business operations through the use of our merchant services partners. We offer multiple solutions to suit you and your customers’ needs with options to accept credit and debit cards at your place of business. This service expedites the collection of payments into your account and provides quality service and convenience to your customers.

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