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Lending Solutions

The ability to access credit is one of the most important tools a business owner needs. CapStar’s loans and lines of credit are simple, flexible and distinguished by our ability to make fast, local decisions.

Commercial Real Estate Term Loan

This loan is perfect to finance an expansion or an investment such as a rental property.

Commercial Construction Loan

This loan allows you to build the exact facilities you need for your business or finance an investment property.

Letter of Credit

This letter gives you the flexibility to secure financial arrangements by using the bank’s credit rather than yours.

Equipment Term Loan

This term loan can be used to make large equipment purchases for your business such as machinery and vehicles.

Equipment Line of Credit

The line of credit gives you the flexibility to access funds when you need them to maintain or purchase equipment for your business.

Working Capital Line of Credit

This line of credit can be ready and waiting whenever you need it for planned or unplanned expenses or to help through seasonal cash flow shortages.

Time Notes

A time note can be used to help put structure around an informal business loan arrangement.


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