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Our Story

At CapStar Bank, we’re listening. We want to earn not just your business, but your confidence and loyalty. We do that every day by listening well and asking better questions, so we can respond in a highly personalized way. It’s a seemingly simple touch that makes a tremendous difference in the experience you have here.

At CapStar, we think the human element has been strangely absent from modern banking. We’re here to leave a legacy of how banking should be done. When you call, we answer. When you talk, we listen. When you have a need, we know how to meet it. That’s how a locally owned and operated bank does business—with hospitality, innovation and a flair for greatness.

Your dreams thrive in partnership with a supportive local bank that has the experience, unrivaled capital backing and capacity to serve you in a highly customized, attentive way.

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